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Monday, July 18, 2005

photo fest

At long last! A splurge of photos of the last month of my journey... Not sure when I'll be able to post more so these'll have to do for now, they're not in much of an order but you can figure it out I'm sure...
Tomorrow I reluctantly leave Findhorn after spending nearly a week here having a much needed rest and reflection on all I've taken on-board over the last few weeks. The G8 experience has really re-framed things in my head and may have set me on a different course, but now I need to work out where that new direction might end up ultimately... Part of me just wants to leave theatre aside and go and be an activist, whilst part of me is aware that theatre can be direct action in itself and I've seen the effectiveness of increasingly creative responses to injustice, and even the use of traditional theatre forms as part of this such as clowning... (check out C.I.R.C.A). I've got a lot to think about... so it's just as well I've got a lot of hours in the saddle ahead of me to do just that!


At 19/7/05 09:26, Anonymous bert said...

Hey mate, will read through your blogs soon, but just to let you know, a mate of mine was up at the G8 and staying in Sterling, not sure if you bumped into him - his name is Luke Russell and he has a weblog on my site here:

At 22/7/05 15:38, Anonymous Dick said...

Just caught up after some days out of the blogosphere. Fascinating accounts as ever, Ben, & great pics too. As for theatre v. activism, DON'T FORGET YOUR BRECHT!

At 23/7/05 03:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben, Just viewed your photos - awesome.


At 23/7/05 06:25, Anonymous Old Mellor said...

Hello, No. 1 son!

Finally caught up with your blog: a splendid achievement, both in travelling and getting involved, and in writing up. ("A well-written life is rarer than a well-spent one." as some philosopher said.)

Not sure how you'd earn a living as a full-time activist, but it can't be as dire as the theatre. Good job that you're a trained waiter! (The chill voice of reality breaks in: boring! :-)

I managed to be working at home for the second lot of (attempted) bombings last Thursday, as well as the first lot. Hildagh thinks this can't be coincidence!

Keep up the good work!



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