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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where'd it all go?!

Whoa! I genuinely can't believe it's been over 2 months since my last post on this blog... Could whoever's got their foot on the time accelerator pedal please ease off a bit?!
I guess one reason for my lack of online correspondence has been that until recently the writing has been very intermittent due to other work commitments and a lot of un-planned for research necessary for my trickster/narrator character. So as my writing was so inactive it seemed a bit naughty to be spending time blogging...
However, things are bubbling along nicely (for now), I've recently acquired a cycle trainer to start building my pedal powered generator with the help of super technician and renewable energy enthusiast, Veronica McDonald, and the script is coming together. The trickster character (provisionally called Tali) has really taken over the show, and it's definitely more his journey than mine, he just happens to be riding around the country on a bike too! I'm happy with his voice now finally, and I hope that others will find him as entertaining as I do... I'll get to try out some of the new material in a couple of weeks when we go to visit the young artists in residence at Victoria theatre in Belgium and share some of our work (and possibly drink a little Belgian beer...).
I'm still looking into doing the piece outside and using the indoors space for some sort of exhibition, but it's proving difficult to administrate and with only ten weeks to go I'm not sure it will happen. Still, this is only a work in progress so should the piece get commissioned and developed there'll always be the possibility to do it outside later down the line...
Finally, I now have a group of young people from Contact's Drama Drop In classes to take part in some sort of participatory project. We've not started yet and I may have to scale down my ambitions with them a bit, but I think we're going to do something around film and spoken word, on the theme of 'My Environment' (whatever that may mean...)
So if I take another two months until the next post, well, it probably won't happen because I'll be in the middle of doing the show, so I'd better try to get a bit more regular... Bit more fibre in my writer's diet! Until then put these dates in your diary to come and see me at Contact theatre:
22nd - 24th June!
peace x


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