Changing Cycles

An ongoing project exploring the use of the arts as a form of action to ensure the sustainability of the planet. and stuff.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Good grief!
I have to be the rubbishest blogger in the world, ever! (part 3)
It's now nearly a week until my show starts, and I'm just about to start rehearsing, having finished the script ooh, about last week?! I'm assured this is the way that all good theatre productions should work, but it still feels a bit hairy.
Technically, we've figured out a way to make the lights run off my bike, all we need now is to get our hands on a solar generation unit and the show should be almost entirely emissions free! (apart from all the people who drive to come and see it...)
Artistically, I'm pleased with the characters I've written, though they all need some work... The next week will be a strange mixture of editing and rehearsing simultaneously, whilst being glad of not having any hair to pull out.
I also started a good little project with some young people from Contact, exploring what the word environment means to them... We didn't quite finish what I was planning to do with them but I'm hoping to pick it up once the show's finished. So, update over, come and see the show, and here's a look at my lovely flyer... I know it's a bit small, but if you click on it you should be able to enlarge it... Hope to see you next week!