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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Happy World Environment Day!

Did anyone know it was World Environment Day? Prizes if you did... I'd be interested if anyone knows of any events in their area to mark this special occasion, though my suspicions are that there's not much going on...
The campsite I'm staying at here in Rotherham is hosting an Environment Fair, complete with Mystical Earth Walk, Bird Box Building and a Mini Beast Hunt... Think it's all geared towards kids but I might go along and unleash my inner child for a bit (even though my outer child is sprouting quite a hefty beard growth!)
This afternoon I'm planning to cycle to the Earth Centre which is just up the road. This was the Government's flagship millenium environmental project, kind of an ecological theme park designed to encourage us all to make our lifestyles more sustainable... Unfortunately it closed a few years after it opened due to a lack of visitors.
I think it will be a pertinent day to go and visit the defunct site, and maybe speak to some local people about why they think it was so unsuccessful; Was it a marketing failure? Were the prices too high? Do people just not care enough? Is sustainable development about as fun as cutting your toenails? Or did they take offence at more public money being poured into another millenial white elephant that preached a hypocritical message of sustainability from a Government that won't even impose tax on air fuel? Just some thoughts... I'd love to hear yours (hint: if you are reading this, please let me know by leaving a comment or three...)
Meanwhile, I thought I'd let you see my itinerary as it stands at the moment, so you can see just what I'm letting myself in for over the next couple of months! God Speed.
  • Monday 30th May: Salford – Hebden Bridge ATC [29 miles]
  • Tuesday 31st May: Hebden Bridge – Horsforth [28 miles]
  • Wednesday 1st June: Meanwood Valley Urban Farm
  • Thursday 2nd June: Horsforth – Breighton [45 miles]
  • Friday 3rd June: Breighton – Thrybergh [36 miles]
  • Saturday 4th June: Rest day in Rotherham!
  • Sunday 5th June (World Environment Day): Environment fair @ Thrybergh Country Park/Earth Centre (closed)
  • Monday 6th June: Thrybergh - Heeley City Farm, Sheffield (12 miles)/Heeley – Sherwood Forest Caravan Park, Old Clipstone. [27 miles]
  • Tuesday 7th June: Old Clipstone – Leicester [45 miles]
  • Wednesday 8th June: Environ’s Eco-house
  • Thursday 9th June: Leicester – Thrapstone [38 miles]
  • Friday 10th June: Thrapstone – Hitchin [45 miles]
  • Saturday 11th June (National Bike Week starts): Hitchin - London. [40 miles] World Naked Bike Ride!
  • Sunday 12th June: London Wetlands Centre
  • Monday 13th June: Rest day/Route Planning
  • Tuesday 14th June: London Sustainability talk, Museum of London
  • Wednesday 15th June: Islington Ecology Centre, Arsenal.
  • Thursday 16th June: BedZed Zero Impact Housing Project, Surrey.
  • Friday 17th June: Rest day/Route Planning
  • Saturday 18th June: Preparation for G8 Bike ride
  • Sunday 19th June: G8 Bike ride: London - Redfield (Redfield Sustainable Housing Co-Op) [57 miles]
  • Monday 20th June: Redfield - Coventry [54 miles]
  • Tuesday 21st June: Coventry - Nottingham [59 miles]
  • Wednesday 22nd June: Rest day
  • Thursday 23rd June: Nottingham - Nine Ladies [31 miles]
  • Friday 24th June: Nine Ladies - Manchester [41 miles]
  • Saturday 25th June: Manchester - Lancaster [55 miles]
  • Sunday 26th June: Rest day
  • Monday 27th June: Lancaster - Penrith [50 miles]
  • Tuesday 28th June: Penrith - Carlisle: [18 miles]
  • Wednesday 29th June: Carlisle - Lockerbie [31 miles]
  • Thursday 30th June: Lockerbie - Lanark [46 miles]
  • Friday 1st July: Lanark - Edinburgh[?]
  • Saturday 2nd July: Make Poverty History March - Edinburgh
  • Sunday 3rd July- Friday 8th July: Not really sure but generally hanging around the G8 summit trying (not) to get into trouble!
  • Saturday 9th July: Gleneagles – Pitlochry [41 miles]
  • Sunday 10th July: Pitlochry – Braemar [40 miles]
  • Monday 11th July: Braemar – Tomintoul [32 miles]
  • Tuesday 12th July: Tomintoul – Forres [36 miles]
  • Wednesday 13th July - Friday 15th July: Findhorn Eco-Village
  • Saturday 16th July: Forres – Tomintoul [36 miles]
  • Sunday 17th July: Tomintoul – Braemar [32 miles]
  • Monday 18th July: Braemar – Pitlochry [40 miles]
  • Tuesday 19th July: Pitlochry – Auchterarder [40 miles]
  • Wednesday 20th July: Auchterarder – Thornhill [21 miles]
  • Thursday 21st July: Thornhill – Lanark [50 miles]
  • Friday 22nd July: Lanark – Lockerbie [63 miles]
  • Saturday 23rd July: Lockerbie – Carlisle [32 miles]
  • Sunday 24th July: Rest Day
  • Monday 25th July: Carlisle – Cockermouth [30 miles]
  • Tuesday 26th July: Cockermouth – Seascale [28 miles]
  • Wednesday 27th July: Sellafield Nuclear Power Station
  • Thursday 28th July: Seascale – Ulverston [42 miles]
  • Friday 29th July: Baywind Energy (Harlock Hill Wind Farm)
  • Saturday 30th July: Ulverston – Lancaster [37 miles]
  • Sunday 31st July: Lancaster – Salford [50 miles]

To save you adding up, that's about 1500 miles so far! As I said, after this I'm planning to head south through Wales and down into Devon and Cornwall but that will rely on everything that proceeds, so I'll update as and when... Sheesh kebab, what the hell am I doing?!!


At 6/6/05 13:53, Blogger Dick said...

Jesus, that's a schedule & a bit! I view cycling into Letchworth with grave concern. All power to the Mellor constitution.

At 11/6/05 19:13, Blogger Dad said...

The Mellor constitution is pretty good (although mine has been going downhill for a while!).

All the best, son!

(What was that about the naked bike ride into London this weekend?)


At 19/7/05 11:09, Anonymous bert said...

When you heading through Wales mate? I'll be there for a week in August so if you want some company on those Welsh hills let me know!


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