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Friday, August 12, 2005

Brithdir's Brilliant!

Once again I'm rushing this because I have about 5 minutes before the library closes and I've just spent ages trying to post some more lovely photos but have been denied... damn these watertight download proof public computer systems! Anyway, I am now safely in Pembrokeshire, staying at the beautiful Brithdir Mawr organic farm/ecovillage. It's a community of about 7 or 8 permanent residents, a few kids (human), some goats, chickens, ducks, a couple of horses and acres of organic gardens. They're completely off-grid electricity wise and supply all their own energy from hydro, wind and solar power. The deal is you garden for four hours a day in return for your food and board, which is a pretty good deal as far as I'm c0ncerned... Loving the gardening, have been inspired to get myself an allotment when I get back! Help, I'm turning into a young fogey... (turning into?). The good news is that you too can take part in rewarding, soul nourishing work like this in places all over the world, courtesy of WWOOF. Recommend it to all, will be sad to leave... Oh, and being on the west coast the beach plays host to some amazing sunsets. Lush, as the welsh would say! More pics on the way... Peace x


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At 6/11/05 16:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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