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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Show shots

Here's a few of the beautiful shots taken for me by my lovely (and talented) friend Elise McCave. Cheers Elise x


At 21/8/06 13:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have just read the update of your blog - yes, a bit late <;-)

Loved the photos!

loads of love and hugs

At 20/10/06 00:30, Anonymous Fran Brewin said...

I looked you up on Google, after being blown away by your poem about the M&S advert at Freed Up last night. I have long said that advert was just food porn, and you said it in SUCH a good way! I would love a copy - any chance?
or are you intending to get it published? Anyway, well done, you are a very talented man.


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